About Basis Health & Performance

Basis Health & Performance is a community gym and health facility that aims to restore the interplay of natural human movement, nutrition, community, and play with cutting edge strength, metabolic, and mobility training. Our goal at Basis is to teach you how to take better care of yourself and facilitate a supportive and fun environment in which we can all thrive.

We believe in training smarter rather than harder. We’ve studied the research on what works and applied the advice of experts getting the best results. More importantly, we’ve helped hundreds of clients make lasting changes and even exceed their goals.

We view the coaching process as client-centered. We’re not here to bark at you like drill sergeants and tell you what to do. We know that any real motivation to change has to come from you and we’re here to help you foster the knowledge, skills, and habits that will turn it into success. We view sound nutrition, movement, and healthy lifestyle habits as a means to feeling good in your skin and having the energy to keep up with life and enjoy it.