Hear from the clients who’ve experienced Basis
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Tyler Pinkney

Basis is truly a special gym. It's got a lot of variety, and the trainers are always looking to expand their knowledge and try something new. You could be an outright beginner or a seasoned pro and they will always have something new to teach you, and a new challenging progression for you to take. This isn't a "go workout in the corner by yourself" kinda gym. It's class based, but personal trainer level quality. It's also community based, personal relationships help deepen their understanding of you and your body, helping them adapt any class for any person. It's truly the only place I've seen where they can successfully and to everyone's benefit mix people of all levels together to make a cohesive and fun classes. Go here and get healthy. It's certainly a place that is always welcoming and fun. It feels like a second home to me!

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Acacia Jennings

Throughout ones life you meet several different types of coaches. Some better than others and some that will leave a lasting impression on you for the rest of your life. That’s what the coaches here at Basis are all like. They want you to succeed and reach your goals just as much as you do and often times even more.

They care about how your day/week/month is going and are so passionate about helping people from all walks of life. They will be there for you and your goals, no matter what they are.

Come check out this unique, one of a kind facility - you won’t be disappointed.

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Alan Proctor

Great coaching, good community and classes are fun, and produce results. If you are a long time gym junkie or new to fitness Basis HP will make sure your movements are closely monitored to avoid injury. Every coach is so passionate about their career, from movements, to nutrition, to benefits of a sauna they love to research and share what they know. I really appreciate their enthusiasm to fitness and seeing it every time I enter the gym. I strongly recommend Basis to everyone!

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Jonathan Shaner

Chico is lucky to have such knowledgeable and dedicated people to better the lives of so many. The knowledge and seeking of knowledge is what separates a great coaching crew from everyone else. The coaches at Basis are some of the most intelligent people I know. The results you will get from the intelligent cardiovascular, strength, mobility & nutrition design from the coaches are life lasting and life changing. Basis to me is going to the gym to make incremental positive changes in my life, physically and mentally, rather than to check off the box of "went to the gym today". Always seek the best in life and Basis is the best place to work out and learn about health and performance.

J. Rhoads-Peterson bio image

J. Rhoads-Peterson

I cannot say enough about how Sarah, Grayson and Nate changed my life. They are some of the most knowledgeable and sincere people. They care very deeply about each of their clients and are committed to helping clients make positive changes in their life without pressure. You go at your own pace, but they are with you every step of the way. The gym itself is state of the art, beautifully decorated, and inviting. Since I have been working out under their guidance, I have lost 16 lbs and 10.5 inches. My strength, stamina and balance have returned to levels I did not think I'd see again at my age. This gym is truly here for you, whether you want to body build or just make improvements.