Class Descriptions

Metabolic Training

Our conditioning classes utilize a variety of cardio equipment including Keiser Bikes, Ski Ergs, Water Rowers, Versa Climbers, and paddle rowers (sit down or stand up and paddle to simulate paddle boards and dragon boats). We also get outside and run, jump rope, push and drag sleds, and combine bodyweight strength training and strongman endurance into our conditioning classes so you stay toned! Our group classes occasionally incorporate games, teamwork, and competition to keep you engaged and foster community. We use 8 Weeks Out conditioning methods, as used by pro athletes and MMA fighters.

We use heart rate monitors, target heart rate zone training, and heart rate variability to make sure you’re working at the appropriate intensities for your fitness level, whether it be high, low, or right in the middle. There’s a common misconception in the fitness world that training only at high intensity produces the best results. High intensity training is great, but is a tool to use once in a while, not all of the time.

The reality is that for the aerobic system to develop to it’s fullest capacity, training frequency needs to be high but training intensity and duration need to be varied and programmed appropriately for your fitness level. If you truly only train at high intensity, your body won’t get a chance to catch up. You will wind up overtrained and burnt out with chronic injuries, bad sleep, and unable to lose weight.

Training smarter rather than harder will give you the results you’re working for, without the negative fallout.

Why train with a heart rate monitor?

“Just as you wouldn’t expect to get too far if you were to try to drive across the country with a map or GPS to guide you along the way, you shouldn’t expect to get the most out of your training program without the use of a heart rate monitor. These incredibly powerful little tools can mean the difference between developing world class conditioning and wasting endless hours of time training ineffectively”. ~ Joel Jamieson


  • Recover better- better and faster recovery between bouts of exercise
  • Live longer- people with high levels of endurance live an average of 7 years longer
  • Reduce inflammation via improved function of the vagus nerve
  • More energy- more mitochondria (the energy producing unit of the cell)
  • Better oxygen utilization and blood flow
  • Stronger heart muscle
  • Burn fat- burn more calories while you exercise and increase oxygen consumption and calorie burning post exercise
  • The ability to- without a doubt, outrun zombies

We are BioForce certified


Game Day 

Game Day classes infuse your conditioning workout with a structure based on summer camp and gym class games, like Capture the Flag, Four Square, relays, Frantic, Tag variations, Red Light Green Light, Kick Ball, Spike Ball, etc. The rules and execution of the game are altered to incorporate elements of a workout. Games add a little excitement and competition to make working out a little more fun and engaging.

Anabolic Training

Our strength classes include a mixture of training methods and equipment from powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, and gymnastic strength training. We have some fun and unique strength toys to play with that you won’t see in an ordinary gym- yokes, D-Balls, wheel barrows, Slater’s log, sandbags, barbell FORM collars, sleds, clubs, kettlebells, and the Snail! This may sound intimidating but have no fear, we coach you through every step of the way and use exercises appropriate for your fitness level, from beginner to advanced. When it’s time to squat, a beginner can use a pair of lighter dumbbells or a lighter bar and an advanced athlete can grab a belt and load a bar till it bends!

While there is no “cardio” element to this class, you will get your heart rate up and work strength based conditioning through some of the strength methods we utilize such as speed endurance training, volume training, strength aerobic training, and strongman endurance training.


  • Muscle mass: increases RESTING metabolic rate (you burn more energy doing NOTHING), keeps you from wasting as you age, prevents skinny fat, makes you look better (we think)
  • Boosts bone and connective tissue strength and density
  • Turns on hundreds of anti aging genes
  • Boosts stem cell production
  • Being stronger makes everything easier- even cardio


Strongman Training 

We incorporate strongman training methods into our strength classes. Don’t let the images of huge men pulling semi trucks deter you! Strongman training is really just strength training with real life objects, or objects constructed to simulate real life tasks, such as lifting odd objects, carrying, pushing, pulling, and dragging. Strongman Endurance Training also provides an easy method of strength based metabolic conditioning.


  • Strongman strength training will make you stronger, more capable, and more stable when faced with real life demands.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Why we don’t have combined strength & conditioning classes

We utilize separate strength and metabolic conditioning programs at Basis to allow you to tailor your class track to meet your specific goals and allow you to progress to the heights you desire without hitting the inevitable plateaus inherent in combined strength and conditioning programs.

Metabolic training and strength training demand that the body adapt in two opposing directions, causing this plateau. You can cruise along pretty well for a while but will generally plateau at an intermediate/intermediate+ fitness level. To break out of this plateau, either strength or conditioning must be put on maintenance while the other becomes the target of improvement. You can cycle back and forth with the right timing and the right programming, to achieve high attainment at both if that is your goal.

To see real improvements and reach a high level of conditioning and endurance, sessions with longer duration are a must. This cannot be achieved within a combined strength/conditioning hour.

The separate classes also allow you to take in more of what you really love or need without being forced into doing the other, if it’s not your thing.

Kinstretch, Mobility Training and Stress Management

Dedicated mobility programs at Basis enhance your capacity for movement and safeguard your body against degeneration, pain, and injury. Our mobility training methods, Kinstretch and Functional Range Conditioning, are rooted in the most current science and utilized by a handful of the best gyms and professional sport team trainers around the world. Mobility training is included at the beginning and end of all of our classes in addition to offering daily Kinstretch classes. Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control and awareness, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion- think (Yoga+Science)-Spirituality=Kinstretch.


  • Restores a prerequisite capacity for movement such that movements can be practiced regularly, and loaded, without detriment to the joints
  • Develops body awareness and control, develops motor cortex
  • Reduces chances of injury: joints withstand greater loads in end range making you less likely to incur an injury from a given force
  • Improves working range of motion
  • Improves work capacity in an existing range of motion
  • Increases neural drive and activity, having the capacity to heal missing strength
  • Improves spinal mobility and removes hinge points that lead to back injuries
  • Prevents joint degeneration
  • Meditation helps to boost mental fitness and reduce stress
  • Reduced stress helps you get more out of your training

For more on Kinstretch, watch this video

Nutrition Classes 

If you expect to see and feel the best results from your training, fixing your food is a must. There is no training program under the sun that can give you the fat loss benefits of mindful nutrition. Because this step is so critical, your membership will include access to weekly nutrition classes to help you make the best of our personalized nutrition approach and fuel your body for optimal health & performance long term. Our nutrition strategy aims to:

  • Eliminate nutrient imbalances
  • Support energy production
  • Drive mental clarity and mood stability
  • Create and maintain a healthy body weight and metabolism
  • Improve performance
  • Maintain a healthy immune system
  • Lower inflammation
  • Promote recovery & regeneration

We view optimal human nutrition through an evolutionary lens. We promote a nutrient dense diet, free of processed foods, and advise you to limit or eliminate inflammatory foods. We encourage you to eat real food from local small farms.

Human beings are healthier when good sleep and recovery is a priority, when good movement and some form of exercise happen on a daily basis, when stress is intermittent and manageable, and when they have access to a supportive community that provides connection, accountability, and laughter. This is the lifestyle we promote and cultivate at Basis, and these topics are also covered and discussed in our weekly nutrition classes.

We are Precision Nutrition Certified

Youth Athletic Development

Our kids and teens programs teach proper lifting and training technique, highlight the importance of following a healthy diet, build strength and athleticism, provide cross training for team sports, and teach kids how to care for their bodies starting NOW to avoid the aches and pains of adulthood.