Membership Add-ons

Nutrition Coaching

In addition to our nutrition classes, we offer coached nutrition programing for more detailed guidance, personalized assistance, and monitoring year round, for an additional fee. We have two constantly running, 90 day coached nutrition programs to help you stay on track and accountable. We utilize three separate approaches to help you find a system that works the best for your personality and lifestyle.

With these programs you get:

  • Help with setting achievable long term goals and a plan to reach them
  • Help with planning the clear, do-able, day-to-day mini goals that will lead you to success in both the short and long term
  • Menus, shopping lists, recipes, approved meal service plans
  • Educational materials and online courses
  • Progress tracker including photos, inches, pounds, body fat
  • Group camaraderie via private FB page
  • Weekly check up with your coach for motivation, questions, and troubleshooting
  • Tools for turning resolutions into rituals (habit building)
  • A unique, personalized nutrition plan that will work better for you than any other cookie cutter approach

We are Precision Nutrition Certified

This program utilizes a three-phase Paleo diet reset protocol.

  • Reset
  • Personalization
  • Renewal

This first month follows a 30 day Paleo elimination diet (no grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, or booze), minus any other foods you know you are sensitive or allergic to (bell peppers, eggs, seeds, etc).

Now that your system has had time to reset, the second month consists of a guided, step by step, 21 day reintroduction process followed by a week of individual carb type testing.

Once we have created your personalized nutrition plan based on unique findings in the Reset and Personalization phases, we implement the plan we’ve created specifically for you for the final month.

This program teaches you how to create a personalized macro template to follow and how to plan your meals and occasional treats. Yes, treats can be part of this plan, because this program involves weighing and measuring all of your meals so you can account for things you would still like to enjoy while dieting.
You will receive education in nutrient density at the onset of this program to make sure you’re planning your meals for health, not just macros (protein, carbs, and fat). This plan includes a metabolic rebuild diet, typically once your desired weight loss has been achieved, but may happen at the onset on the program if your baseline caloric intake is already really low (hardly eat anything and still overweight?). This will bring your metabolism back up to where it was before starting the diet without gaining any unwanted bodyfat.

This program is a low carb, moderate protein, high fat approach that offers stellar appetite control, fast weight loss, neuro-protective benefits, blood sugar control benefits, and builds your body into a fat burning diesel engine. This plan involves a personalized, month long ramp up into low carb dieting, followed by a two week transition into ketosis, where you will stay for the remainder of the diet. We recommend an altered training schedule on the ketogenic protocol, to work better with your adaptation to the diet.

Graduate programs are the next progression from the initial learning and discovery phases, to supervised maintenance phases. The check in’s move from weekly to bi-weekly and allow for progressions and experimentation with nutrient timing.

These programs are for individuals with serious goals for body composition surrounding a competition or event. They involve a high level of commitment and readiness.