Included In Your Membership

Health & Performance Data Tracking App

We track your progress in a unique and complete way at Basis to make sure your hard work is producing results. We have our own app that allows you to track your workout stats in our gym or at home, view your progress reports, see live schedule updates, coaches’ Spotify lists, and much much more. All of our programs are reviewed quarterly and tracked: strength, conditioning, body composition, mobility, in addition to your goals, health habits, and health issues. Having concrete data to look at can help you to celebrate achievements you may not have otherwise taken the time to notice and reward yourself for. Your goals and health issues will also be noted and reviewed so that you can see progress in other directions that may not be as notable with numbers alone.


Our workshops are included in your membership, although they are designed such that you sign up and are expected to attend all of the sessions. Workshops will arise regularly and focus and various training niches, fun ideas, specific goals, or work towards a competition or race.

Sample Workshop

Our Natural Movement workshops take functional training to a whole new level, utilizing natural patterns of human movement such as crawling, climbing, jumping, balancing, and carrying to improve your real-life athleticism and make you generally harder to kill. The classes are similar to Parkour and MovNat, using proprioceptive movement concepts.

Educational Seminars

Monthly education seminars the first Saturday of the month teach you how to manage your own wellness and create healthy rituals in order to train smarter and fuel your body better for lifelong results. The monthly topic will be our focus in the gym for the coming month to help these concepts become familiar good habits. Seminars will also include fun things like cooking classes and movies. Seminars are always free to members.